As soon as we receive your order, we will start to production. Usually within 15-20 working days, your album will be ready to ship. However, during the wedding season it might take a little longer.
Yes, If you paying an additional fee to rush the album will have it out the door within 7 business days.
Yes, sample all Albums are 20% off. All studio sample albums/presentation boxes have “STUDIO SAMPLE” deboossed/engraved on to the back cover.
We cut as little as we have to, but as much as 5 mm. Please setup trim lines in your design program so you don’t put anything important near those cut lines. If your photo is not flush to the edge, we recommend it being 5 mm. or more away from the edge.

Fonts available for debosing

Fonts available for engraving

Your album spreads are printed and bound in sequential order, so naming your files correctly is important. We suggest that you use a sequence number at the beginning or at the end of the file name and that each sequence number has two digits.
For example :

and so on…
We operate a fully colour calibrated workflow and we highly recommend your workflow is also colour calibrated. If you’re having problems with dark images from other labs and album companies, it’s probably an issue with your screen brightness being set too high – this is the most common problem.
We print your albums in spreads of two pages, so the first page in your album will be on the right. Please start your design on the right, just leave the first page blank.
Absolutely. Our albums are individually handmade and we’re proud of the skill and craft that goes into their production. Each album is guaranteed from manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not cover issues with the original layouts supplied or mistakes when ordering, such as incorrect client’s names for debossing. Please thoroughly check your order and contact us as soon as possible should there be an error with the order.
Free Shipping to European Countries. All Fine Art Bold Albums are available worldwide. We currently offer free shipping to the European countries only.
Yes of course you can. Send us 6x(1920x1280 px) 300dpi size photo and we will print them with our fine art paper and send them with a few day delivery.
You will be able to pay your purchase via PayPal. This is the most secure option for payments.
There are many resources for designing albums from Adobe Photoshop or InDesign to more simpler, dedicated album design software like Fundy Album Builder or Smart Albums.
Each read should be “JPG” format and min. 300 DPI.
30×30 mm. Album – 60×30mm. JPEG 300DPI
25×25 mm. Album – 50×25mm. JPEG 300DPI
20×20 mm. Album – 40×20mm. JPEG 300DPI
15×15 mm. Album – 30×15mm. JPEG 300DPI